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Pictorial Atlas of Old Warsaw
People who have ever seen the paper edition of Geozeta may probably remember the series 'Warsaw on the postcards'. The author, Robert Marcinkowski has worked for a few years in order to create the atlas, which would compare Warsaw of today with Warsaw from the beginning of XX century. The atlas is illustrated with the reproductions of old Warsaw postcards - the portrait of the city that no longer exists. Postcards descriptions reflect author's excellent knowledge of Warsaw, imagination, inquiring style of work and wit.
Short cutting from an article written by J.S. Majewski, published in Gazeta Wyborcza:

"The City of Warsaw has never had such an atlas. You can see almost everything that happened in Warsaw in terms of building between 1900 and 1945. (...) William Heerlein Lindley's street plan dated back to the beginning of XX century created on the occasion of Warsaw sewage system extension is the starting point of the Atlas. (...)
All the buildings that existed before 1900 or were built after the Second World War and also more then a hundred years old wooden houses are marked with different colors. The author also marked the buildings that still exist, those completely destroyed or burnt during the war and finally those knocked down after 1945.
Marcinkowski's book is a brilliant example of meticulous kind of work. In his Atlas you can even find well like kind of yards, which were no longer built after 1945, former park and orchard paths and many other details. Current street plan is superimposed on the pre-war street network."
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